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IP Telephony for better productivity and cost reduction

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So you have decided to switch your business phone system from traditional to VoIP, but the lingo is starting to become confusing. What is IP Telephony? What IP phones should you choose? Should you go with a Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking? Should you choose IP phones or stay with your existing phones?
IP Telephony means taking advantage of the internet to deliver phone calls. In other words, it turns voice into another digital application on a data network. As a result, IP Telephony provides numerous advantages;
  • Reduced cost
  • Unified communications with streamline workflow
  • Increased productivity with mobility

Do you know the difference between IP Telephony and VoIP?

Although IP Telephony and VoIP are used interchangeably, VoIP is really a subset of IP Telephony. While IP Telephony takes advantage of the Internet to deliver your calls, VoIP is the mechanism used to transport your call over an internet connection. While traditional business phone systems were designed to serve workers at their office location, today’s worker often takes calls on route to a client, when working from home, or while away on a business trip. IP Telephony redefines traditional business telephone systems for today’s employer by providing unified communications.

How Digital Communications are Integrated into communication systems

Digital communications are a great step forward but they need to be merged with computer systems (i.e. integrated) in order to deliver telephone functions for voice, fax, and video.  Each communication requires a directory service and caller identification, otherwise how can it be properly routed?
IP Telephony integration can depend on the size of the organization and what it is used for, voice or data or both. A small business for example, benefits from a Hosted IP PBX system that uses the Cloud to provide an IP based (i.e. digital communications) business telephone system without the purchase of hardware. This system is sometimes referred to as "Cloud VoIP”. Larger enterprises must rely on an organization that understands VoIP technology and protocols in order to properly integrate VoIP into their existing communication system.

So what are Hosted PBX systems, SIP Trunking, and IP PBX Hardware?

  • Hosted PBX (private branch exchange) systems are cloud based services. This means there is no need for capital equipment or on-premise PBX hardware for your business phone system. These elements are provided by your Hosted PBX Supplier and all you need are the handsets or phones.
  • SIP Trunks (session initiation protocol) are digital phone lines that work with IP-PBX phone system hardware. SIP Trunking (i.e. digital phone lines) connect desk phones to the call control servers and can link remote sites via gateways into IP-PBX Hardware.  These are some of the reasons SIP Trunking is quickly becoming the new delivery tool for telecommunication services from carriers.  SIP Trunking also enables softphones and computer applications to act as a phone client on an IP Telephony system.
  • IP-PBX Hardware acts as the switchboard that allows transfers and call routing, call holding, and conference calls among many other features required for a multi-line IP telephony system. Simply put, IP-PBX Hardware is a PBX that is IP enabled to handle digital voice communications and data.
How do you gain the full benefits of IP Telephony has to offer?
Integrating IP Telephony into your communication systems is best achieved with an experienced provider because of the number of ways Unified Communication applications and IP telephony protocols can be merged.  In other words, look for a professional organization with plenty of experience.

Ask questions, share knowledge and experience to earn Z points.
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